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Knowing that we are making a difference in peoples lives, their day-to-day hectic schedules, is the number one reason we love what we do.  Carol A Schofield Concierge Services offer our clients a practical and timely service that ultimately improves their lives.

Whether it is knowing that their fridge and cupboards are stocked, their parents have made it to their doctor’s appointments on time, or that they have someone to call when life happens, we are here to help our clients.  That is why we love what we do!

Who do you call when you hot water heater explodes just as you are walking out the door for work?  Who do you email with a list of things to get before you head out for a business or personal trip the next day? What person is going to walk your dog, pick up prescriptions, or wrap your Christmas presents?

A personal concierge of course!

Each day is a new and exciting adventure for us.  We love never knowing what call or email we are going to get next.  We love dealing with the challenges of last minute requests.  We love getting to know the families we are working for.  We love it when a client tells us “I was trying to work out how to do this, and then I thought, Concierge Carol will know!”

We love being your personal concierge!