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Biographical Info I help people discover, develop and unleash their WOW! potential. For over 30 years I have held successful corporate positions in sales, sales training, marketing and product management in the FINTECH,  insurance, and retail industries. I've also had several micro businesses of varying degrees of success including network marketing; record label and artist coach; marketing consultant; and home inspection service, as secondary sources of income. Life Changes University is a passion project that my wife Jacqueline and I have created. We firmly believe that everyone has untapped potential deep inside them that is waiting to be unleashed.  We believe everyone has a purpose in life and our goal is to help others to find it and live their life with passion in pursuit of their purpose.

What Services Leo Offers? LCU provides the following services: -WOW! Potential workshop: How to discover, develop and maximize your true potential through self-leadership -Motivational / Inspirational Keynotes -Micro Business Sales and Marketing Training -Image Consulting:

  • Personal colour analysis
  • Complete style analysis
-Makeup lessons - personal and small groups -Makeup application  

Leo’s Ideal Clients. Over 40 years old Drifting through life with career, job, profession, business, personal life Stuck in a rut with their image - inner and/or outer (appearance) Sick and tired of being sick and tired - looking for a change Believe they have more in life to offer but not sure how to do it    

Profession Speaker, Trainer



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