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Ibrahim El-awad

Ibrahim El-awad

Ibrahim El-awad

Biographical Info I was born and grew up in Lebanon, South Lebanon, from Palestinian parents. I studied and graduated from the American University of Lebanon and earned my first degree, a Bachelor of Science with a business computer major. I left Lebanon and arrived in Canada, Montreal, in February 1993 and moved to Toronto in late 1996 after I graduated from McGill university from the Chartered Accounting program.  I do not have any pets. I played soccer for so many years. I read a lot as I believe reading is the source of knowledge. I am very talented in gardening and I spend a lot of time in my backyard in the Summertime. I love traveling and would love to visit many places around the world, but the unique place and most precious place I want to visit every time I can is Palestine, Jerusalem.  The person that I always want to have lunch with is the person who stood by my side all the time and supported me in everything I did and achieved, is my wife.   Ibrahim is a passionate CPA, CGA, MBA with over 20 years of experience in the high tech, manufacturing and distribution industries. Areas of expertise include budgeting, cost controls, reporting, Corporate tax, sales tax, personal tax, and GST/HST returns, general ledgers, reconciliations, inventory, mergers and acquisitions, payroll accounting, payables/receivables, treasury and banking relations. Committed to ensuring the accuracy and integrity of financial data. Ability to assess business requirements, focus on issues and develop solutions.                     A strategically minded person who is always striving to improve processes and question the status quo. Thrives in a team setting while providing leadership and motivation to assist staff in achieving objectives. My reputation has been built on: * Being a strategically-minded person who is always striving to improve processes and question the status quo. * The ability to create and foster strong relationships in a professional and confidential manner; is open and approachable to all team members. * Being a passionate CPA, CGA, MBA with in-depth knowledge of the Canadian GAAP and IFRS. * Managing teams successfully, hiring, mentoring, coaching and training staff. * Maintaining an open, approachable manner, and treating others fairly and respectfully. * Demonstrating leadership characteristics and a strong coach - lead by example and through persuasion. * Coordinating and preparing budgets and forecasts. * Being an expert in Mergers and Acquisitions accounting. * Initiating and implementing processes and internal controls to protect companies' assets. * Being Sales and Corporate tax subject matter expert. * Selecting, implementing, and migrating accounting systems. * Leading many local projects successfully and heavily involved in global ones.

What Services Ibrahim El-awad Offers?

TAPS Financial Consulting Services Inc.

Tax. Accounting. Payroll. Services.


Provide clients peace of mind, relieve them of the headache and exceed their expectations via professional, trusted, transparent and timely advice.

Services Offered:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting including Financial Statements preparation
  • Tax returns including:
    • Individual income tax returns including self-employed, Proprietor and partnership.
    • Corporate Income tax returns, small businesses.
    • GST/HST sales tax returns.
  • Payroll services including calculating and remitting source deductions; income tax, EI and CPP. 
  • Register all forms of business, corporations, proprietorships, and partnerships.
  • Obtain Federal and provincial sales tax numbers, such as GST/HST.
  • Newcomers services including filling out all required applications.
  • Many other ad-hoc consulting services.




Ibrahim El-awad’s Ideal Clients.

  1. Individuals who need help filing their personal taxes.
  2. Self-employed people who need help maintaining their books and filing their taxes.
  3. Small corporations who need help maintaining their books, preparing financial statements and filing their annual corporate income tax return.
  4. Any client who requires Accounting, payroll and tax advice.

Profession Certified Professional Accountant (CPA)



Ibrahim El-awad

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Ibrahim El-awad

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