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David Barker

David Barker

David Barker

Biographical Info

Throughout my 35 years in the financial services industry, I have been privileged to garner a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill, and experience, yet in recent years I struggled at times to find a sense of meaning in what I was doing.

During my time at FaithLife Financial, I ignited my passion for giving and giving back. When I had the chance to do that 100% of the time Abundance Canada, I jumped at the chance. Now I’m able to merge my values with my professional career.

Today, I help people discover the joy and fulfilment that comes from giving to the causes the love and embrace.

What Services David Barker Offers?

Advice and unique solutions for efficient and effective charitable giving, today or in the future.

David Barker’s Ideal Clients.

Generous people who want to explore ways to give more whenever they are moved to do so.

Profession Gift Planning Consultant



David Barker

Open 24/7? Really?

I promote work-life balance to clients, so I live it myself.