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Christine Bretherick

Christine Bretherick

Biographical Info After many years as an elementary teacher and art educator, I am now providing classes and workshops for children and adults to help them discover the transformative power of expressing themselves through art. As an elementary teacher I acquired my Visual Art Specialist Qualifications though York University, Toronto. I also acquired certification in the Expressive Arts from the Haliburton School for the Arts.  I have presented workshops for teachers across Ontario in partnership with the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. I decided not to ‘retire’ from teaching but to ‘refire’ and to gently remind everyone that ‘Creativity Matters!’ I look forward to many creative adventures in my community and beyond. I hope you will join me on my journey.

What Services Christine Bretherick Offers? Art Education has always been my passion. I have enjoyed teaching art for many years and love everything about the creative process. My workshops and classes are designed for adults who would like to try something new, or for those who wish to simply rekindle the pleasure of creating art. Painting parties in public places have shown that there is a great need for social art.  Whether it's painting, collage, doodling or colouring, creating art together is a wonderful way to express oneself while having fun or building community.  Art Journaling – Creating Your Journal of Discovery… what’s your story? Focus Mindfulness Setting intention Discovery Using right brain Creativity Growth

Christine Bretherick’s Ideal Clients. Women ages - 40 – 80 who are going through life changes Teen or adult children Grandchildren – enjoy spending time with kids – reading and drawing

  • Art Journals - an opportunity to explore your creativity
  • Transfer these skills to her grandchildren
Needs to make time for herself, to reflect and journal in a meaningful way - not necessarily with words Working full time, part time or retired -  is looking for opportunities to take time for herself, to create and socialize within a group and then take  time for solitude, reflection and discovery. Taking time to play is important for well being, so art journaling provides an outlet for play and to develop creativity. Play releases endorphins and 'feel good' hormones so play days are essential for adults too! Let go and create things that make you happy. Other ideal clients would include: Adults who enjoy a social art experience in pubs, restaurants or in local creative art spaces. These would typically be women who want a ‘Girls' Night Out’ or others who would arrange a home party such as ‘A Girls’ Night In.’ Seniors 55+ who would welcome an opportunity to socialize and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of expressive arts. Parents of young children who have lost the ability to engage with them in a creative way and don’t know how to ‘unplug’ them from their devices. Children, including teens who wish to develop their artistic skills. Adults who wish to travel and have an artistic experience. Teachers who wish to learn how to integrate art education into the curriculum.

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Christine Bretherick

The Importance of Play

Some adults may like to play……. My art room looks a bit like my local art store. I admit it! I love looking at the array of beautiful markers, cool gel pens, cakes of pastels and the vibrant paints and acrylic inks in my collection. Wads of paper are ready if you choose to enter and play with my […]

Christine Bretherick

Tales of creativity and play

We understand the value of play for children, but do we fully understand how important it is for us as adults to take time to play and create?