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Jenny Higgins

Jenny Higgins

Biographical Info I have always had a strong value for community.  When I was young, my mom and I were part of a theatre group.  I love telling stories and love making people laugh, but most of all I adore being part of the community.  I have a sincere respect for others and can build trust easily, due to my transparency and hunour.  I am outside thinker and love looking at life from a different perspective. I have a positive attitude and look forward to growing my Nerium business to reach my goals, for both me and my loved ones. I am a kid at heart and believe EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Nerium's community has motivated me beyond what I have ever expected!

What Services Jenny Higgins Offers? I am a Nerium Brand Partner, focusing on helping people be confident in their skin.  If you are not confident in your body , how can you enjoy life? Nerium is a biotech anti-aging company.  We have products are patented and different than anything else out there.  Associated with Princton University, Signum BioScience with Dr. Jeffry Stock,  and Cosmax.  We are moving into wellness and merging Eastern medicine with Western technology. I offer products that address the signs of aging as well as underlining causes.  The products have a powerful antioxidant. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, the appearance of discolouration and enlarged pours, and our products target dark circles, puffiness and redness. We also address aging of the mind and our products support peripheral circulations, memory and cognitive functions.

Jenny Higgins’s Ideal Clients. My ideal client is someone that has the sincerity in wanting to look after their skin health and their mind to help feel and look better. People I can help the most are between 30 to 50 years old and are willing to invest in themselves so that they can participate fully and confidently in their own lives.  

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Jenny Higgins

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Jenny Higgins

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Jenny Higgins

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Jenny Higgins

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Jenny Higgins

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Jenny Higgins

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