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Biographical Info Mahmood Sheikh, Founder of Powermind Corporation, has the exclusive Canadian rights to teach the "Credit Spread System" of an Options Trading strategy that is tested and proven to create a passive income, spending less than two hours a month. We are generating *6%-*8% ROI in the market on a MONTHLY basis. Wealth requires multiple sources of income and this system is a great strategy, as it only requires approximately 2 hours a month to trade this system! We have been helping individuals and businesses by teaching this income stream system. What would an additional source of income, spending less than 2 hours a month mean for you? Learn more about this opportunity. We would love to help you and answer all of your questions. I have included a link sharing my story on how I got started with this system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5JVDx6ITzI *Past performance does not guarantee future results

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What Services Mahmood.Sheikh Offers? For over five years, Mahmood personally teaches the "Credit Spread System" of an Options Trading strategy that is tested and proven to create a passive income, spending less than two hours a month. Our Team offers an unprecedented support system for all of our students... for as long as they need it to be efficient with this strategy. We consistent contact with all students twice a month, and all students have access to our personal email and phone numbers, along with a members-only website where the original founder of this strategy posts his positions every month!  So, literally you can just copy what he is doing, as you learn. We also offer a conditional limited money back guarantee that simply says that you will be profitable with this system or we will refund you the cost of the workshop... ask for details.  In order for you to receive the guarantee, then you have to follow the rules that we teach and this guarantee is for a two-year period. This is a great way for anyone who is looking to start a second source of income with very little training required and no experience in stock market training in needed.  

Mahmood.Sheikh’s Ideal Clients. Real Estate Investors Business Owners Stay At-Home Moms University Students Truck Drivers Anyone who is looking to generate a passive income in a safe manner, spending less than two hours a month.   TESTIMONIAL I was initially skeptical when I heard about this course.I took the course and I was blown away that such an opportunity like this existed. After graduating from engineering and economics, I completed the Canadian Securities Course (many years ago). This credit spread system seemed too good to be true. After you take the course, you will "paper trade" the strategy for as long as you feel comfortable, before jumping in with real money. Most people do this for 3-12 months. This is a way for you to build confidence that the system and your understanding of it, are solid. I left the course with full confidence that this system works. It satisfied my analytical, and highly skeptical mind. If you're anything like me, you'll have questions. Mahmood answered mine. And taking the course put all of my questions to bed. This course is the real deal! Sohail A.

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If you are looking for another source of passive income, watch this video where I share my story on how I got started with this opportunity. If you study wealthy people, you will quickly realize that they have multiple sources of income. This is imperative to truly generate wealth. I encourage you to learn more […]