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Yolanda Vanleeuwen

Yolanda Vanleeuwen

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What prompts someone to get involved in the fashion industry? I suppose that is a loaded question so I will only share why I am so passionate about what I do.  All my life I have seen women beat themselves up about how they feel about how they look.  It started at a young age already in my home, and I never really knew the impact it would have on my future.  I spent my life wanting to put smiles on peoples faces.  All I want to do is lift people up.  I began my fashion career in 2015, but solely out of a desire to rid women of their horrible self talk and lift them up by helping them see how beautiful they are, give them the tools they need to walk confidently, knowing they are beautiful and powerful, and offer them amazing fashions at reasonable prices that are not only stylish but comfortable for the all day every day women who does not have time to worry about what she will wear in a day!

What Services Yolanda Vanleeuwen Offers?

Yolanda's Fashion Boutique ~ Where comfort and style meet!

NEW STORE Location:

5471 ON-6, Guelph, N1H 6J2


It is my distinct pleasure to offer several services...either by me or by members of my amazing team!

  1. Personal Style Appointment
  2. Wardrobe Consult
  3. Bra Fitting
  4. Book the Boutique
  5. Market Your Business/Product
  6. Community Events
  7. Fashion Shows
  8. Alterations
  9. Virtual Style Appointment

All you need to get rid of any fashion anxieties you may have!

Amazing pieces from several clothing lines such as Papillon, Papa, Red Coral, Dolcezza, Nygard, and more!

I have expanded my inventory to offer unique and stylish luggage and bags, such as Anuschka hand painted leather purses so you can rock your style while traveling, as well as fantastic scarves! Scarves are an amazing accessory that can be spread across your whole wardrobe!

Yolanda Vanleeuwen’s Ideal Clients.

Serving women who wish to have direction on what really compliments them and helps them feel great all day long!

Confidence starts within, and how you feel when you look in the mirror makes all the difference.

1. Tall - have a hard time finding clothing that are long enough
2. Size - I carry sizes from xs - xxxxl
3. Affordable and Fully Accessible - Beautiful pieces at great value!

Finally, my ideal clients are women who choose comfort over style but wish they could have both, all day every day! My specialty is helping women who want to have personal help with their fashion personality.  The store is filled with so many options it can be overwhelming if you try to tackle it on your own. My team and I are here to help!

Profession Fashion Stylist



Yolanda Vanleeuwen

Spring 2019 Styles Have Arrived

We are so excited about our new spring fashions.  Come on down to the boutique Monday to Friday from 10 – 6 pm and see all the beautiful new colours and styles that are available.  Our Saturday hours are 10 – 5 pm and we are closed on Sundays! We have a healthy array of […]

Yolanda Vanleeuwen

Thank YOU for Riding this Wave with Me!!

As I reflect on the amazing support I received at the Grand Opening on September 16th, 2017,  I can not thank you enough, I will never be able to properly express my gratitude to all of you because it is simply overwhelming to think that so many beautiful women got my back the way you […]

Yolanda Vanleeuwen

A Piece of the Boutique

It is always a joy for me to give back to my amazing clients and customers!  Please find a coupon for each month below!  Be sure to print it off and bring it to the boutique as these are not going to be made public and are only available to those of you who signed up […]

Yolanda Vanleeuwen

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

One of my favourite fashion bloggers is Sunil Ramchandani!  Here is a piece of his latest blog on prints for fall! You can follow him at sunilr.com  Find the seasons prints and mix them up with all the current solid colors and you have a foolproof wardrobe. If you are not a print person add a […]

Yolanda Vanleeuwen

Every Wardrobe NEEDS a scarf or 2 or 3….!

This paragraph from the New York times Ruth La Ferla could not capture my thoughts about scarves being the #1 accessory better: For so long, fashion was about the “it” bag and the “it” shoe. But as Katherine Danneberg, the divisional merchandise manager for shoes and accessories at Anthropologie, said, “It’s definitely about an ‘it’ […]