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Karen Toth

Karen Toth

Biographical Info Hi, I’m Karen, Who would benefit from group classes: People who suffer with back, neck and shoulder pain People who suffer from a stroke People that want to breath better Musicians that want to play better Athletes that want to preform at their optimum Women and men going through hormonal changes People that want better focus People that want to think better, have better imagination and dreams People that are suffering that may be caused from habitual way of being in the world People that want to think faster to improve their business and life Benefits Better sleep Organizing your body in an organic way Less pain and strain Clarity of thought Better focus Improved mood Better sense of balance and getting up and down from the floor or a chair Greater problem solving skills Improved organ health Breathe better with more options Improved sports performance Improved tone while singing, playing a musical instrument or talking Become calm, intuition increases Feel better Put your brain in a learning mode More sensual The Nine Essentials of lifelong learning! Movement with Attention Slow Variation Subtlety Enthusiasm Flexible Goals The Learning Switch Imagination and Dreams Awareness By working with people through movement to create new neuro connections in the brain. I connect with the person where they are at, and with the each person as a WHOLE being and not just as a diagnosis. When working with children, I find out what they child likes or wants to do and create a way to make it better and easier for them to do it. I watch what my students are doing and I take them as far as they are able to go for the lesson to get results. I trust my intuition and experience will guide me in what to do next to best help my students. I show up on time and guarantee results that my students will become more focused and understand better who they are in the world. I make children comfortable and happy to work with me by always adding in FUN. I believe that having trusting relationship with my students will magnify the intention behind the lesson so that my students sleep better, move better and be overall happier and feeling better! I’m a movement specialist.  If this sounds like someone you’d like working with your child, give me a call. Karen Toth has been in the body movement starting with her love of teaching group fitness classes at the local YMCA in 1991. Karen taught Pilates in 1999 – 2012 Feldenkrais Method  2004 – present. She studies with Anat Baniel based in California and became an Anat Baniel Method Practitioner, ABM for Children, ABM for Anti-Aging and ABM for Elite Athletes and Musicians. Anat Baniel has children come to see her in California from around the world.  Anat took her teaching from Moshe Feldenkrais, creating the Anat Baniel Method for Children!   During the training Karen found her passion to work with children with special needs as well as all populations.   Being a single mom and her love of learning has given her many insights to help people of all walks of life, from infants, children, adults, musician and athletes. 2 books by Anat Baniel that really explain this work are Move Into Life: The Nine Essentials of Lifelong Learning and Kids Beyond Limits. 1 book by Norman Doidge that explains the Feldenkrais Method in Chapter 5 of his book “The Brain’s Way of Healing”. There are a number of books by Moshe Feldenkrais that are amazing to read as well, including “The Case of Nora”, The Potent Self, Body and Mature Behavior, Higher Judo, The Elusive Obvious and Awareness Through Movement. Karen has her own book “Pre and Post Natal Pilates” She is adding her love of learning to being a life coach at present. The list of learning continues.

What Services Karen Toth Offers? Group classes 1 on 1 Skype coaching Video courses  

Karen Toth’s Ideal Clients. Athletes that are committed to improving their sport. Entrepreneurs that want to improve their thinking and growing their business. Success students that want to unblock any stuck emotions in their bodies. Children with special needs

Profession Success Mastery Course Level I - V, Anat Baniel Method, Somatic Education



Karen Toth

Post Stroke Session With My Brother 12 days post stroke.

  On day 12 post stroke with my brother he had already started doing movements that made it feel more comfortable for him to sit in the wheelchair all day, so we turned that into a movement lesson. (I had given him lessons the week before as well) I was using the pelvis as 6 […]

Karen Toth

Working with an Entrepreneur!

  “Changes help to create powerful new insights and cognitions that enhance your business practices.”  Karen Toth While taking my business to a new market, it was extremely amazing to see the results work with an entrepreneur. It was very helpful that Lisa Reaume came to me as an enthusiastic, open and ready person.  She […]

Karen Toth

Golfer Swings With More Power !

  As a golfer, have you ever really noticed how you swing your club? Which part of your body moves, such as weight transfer over feet and ankles, knees bending, thighs moving, pelvis moving, using your lower back, your tail bone and the rest of your spine, your sternum, shoulders, arms and finally neck, head and […]

Karen Toth

Observations from working with children at different stages and ages.

I was working with a little one starting at 11 months for 3 months in a row.   He had no idea of how to move or that he was capable of moving.  Over the 3 month period, he started rolling over, being more aware of his surroundings, holding objects, holding his head up, and moving […]

Karen Toth

Help with Parkinson’s

How doing 1-on-1 movement lessons and group classes have profoundly changed Sharon’s life! She has less pain in her legs, arms and hips than she has had in the past 20 years!

Karen Toth

About Karen Toth

Karen Toth shares her experience and case studies on her specialized skills to connect brain and body and increase thinking, imagination and production of your business, sport or personal life skills!