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Sonal Raje

Sonal Raje

Biographical Info Sonal Raje is a professional artist and expressive arts instructor based in Guelph, Canada. She is actively involved in the local art associations, as well as global ventures that promote the arts. Recently her paintings were shown at the Louvre in Paris, and she has been awarded the bronze medal and membership of the prestigious “Arts Sciences and Letters Society” of Paris, and associate membership of the Society on Fine Arts, Paris. Her passion is to promote expressive arts in the community as medium of self expression, healing and recreation. She has workshops in her studio that incorporate simple art and healing activities. She has a line of Art attire, prints of her paintings on exclusive silk scarves. www.blueamberarts.com

Email Address blueamberarts@gmail.com

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Sonal Raje

How to Live Happy in 5 Easy Steps

Happiness is truly within my, your and that poor schmuck down the road’s reach. Discover how to live happy in 5 easy steps. Begin living your bliss today! Source: How to Live Happy in 5 Easy Steps | Ouroboros Wellness | Guelph, ON

Sonal Raje

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”..Picasso

Do you ever get lost in a painting? Or feel like you’re transported to another time and place at a great live music show? That’s because art triggers a surge of dopamine into the same area of the brain that registers romantic love. Again, it’s activating that pleasure center in the brain.  In short, art […]

Sonal Raje

A scarf can mean many things – but above all, prestige

The scarf is the most simple form of adornment: a single piece of cloth. For this reason, it’s one of the most versatile clothing accessories, used for centuries across a variety of cultures, for a range of purposes. Source: A scarf can mean many things – but above all, prestige

Sonal Raje

Give Yourself a Good Vibrations Tune-Up: Clear & Balance Your Chakras 

All aspects of your well-being depend on the smooth flow of energy. Your body wants to feel great and will welcome your efforts to listen in and receive its messages.  You can give yourself a good vibrations tune-up by checking your body’s energy field, making sure that your chakras, the vital energy centers of your […]

Sonal Raje

Why Wall Art Matters Most In Interior Design

Too often in interior design, we see wall art treated as an afterthought. It’s what gets dealt with last, long after the final coat of paint has dried on the walls and all of the furniture has been artfully arranged, if it gets dealt with at all.

Sonal Raje

Art Heals the Mind, Body, and Heart

There’s so much to love about art. “Art is life, and life is art,” some say. It encompasses everything from drawing to painting, dancing to writing, music to theater – and more. It caters to our sense of pleasure and being alive. Another perk of art? Engaging in it actually helps heal our hearts and keeps our brains healthy.