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Gunther Kramer

Gunther Kramer

Biographical Info Gunther Kramer is the CEO of the website development company Gecko Websites (www.GeckoWebsites.com). He has extensive knowledge and experience with all aspects of website development, including domain names, hosting, graphic design, various programming languages, e-commerce, SEO, SEM, social media and a multitude of additional website-related fields. Gunther has been involved with computer hardware, software and programing since the early 1980's. In 1995 he began developing websites for various organizations, from small non-profits all the way to multi-national corporations. His company, Gecko Websites, provides full-service for all website-related needs, including setup, development, management, upgrades and consulting. Gunther personally oversees all aspects of the company to ensure full customer satisfaction. Gunther consults with each client one-on-one, in order to provide a professionally customized solution which goes beyond simply creating a website. His concept of creating an entire online presence which is tightly integrated with traditional offline marketing, has seen impressive results for the many projects he has overseen.

What Services Gunther Kramer Offers? Domain Names, Website Hosting, Graphic Design, Website Programming, Interactive Forms, Online Booking Software, Shopping Carts, Online Sales, Social Media, Blog and Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Software Updates, Backups & Security, Complete Management

Gunther Kramer’s Ideal Clients. Our ideal client is a small to medium sized business, which has anywhere from about 1 to 50 employees. We do service larger clients, however many organizations opt to create their own in-house website department when they get to a certain size. Generally clients fall into one of two categories. Either they like to build their website themselves, or they want us to manage everything for them. For this reason we do price out all the individual components. The optimal client is one who recognizes that their website is a vital and integrated component of their business. They partner with us so that we become their outsourced website department. They understand that to be competitive, they need to spend time, money and effort on creating their website, and constantly updating it. We look to build long-term, lasting relationships with our clients, and support them with all aspects of integrating their website into their business.

Profession Website Developer, Marketing, Business Advisor



Gunther Kramer

Professional Personality Assessment

Do you know your professional personality? Your professional personality is simply a conscious choice that you make as to how you present yourself as a person, within your profession. To clarify, let’s consider what may be a typical personality we may encounter within some of the more serious professions, such as lawyers, bankers, etc. Often […]

Gunther Kramer

Is your website optimized for local SEO?

What is local SEO? Local SEO is simply search engine optimization for a local business or organization. For example, if you own an electronics store with just one shop, it helps greatly to let Google know that. If you take the appropriate steps to develop your website for local SEO, and you also setup your […]

Gunther Kramer

What To Look For In Great WordPress Themes

There Are So Many Great WordPress Themes WordPress has become the most popular content management system around, and there are a lot of great WordPress themes to go along with it. While it’s good to have choice, it can become overwhelming to choose great WordPress themes for your website. There are so many things to […]

Gunther Kramer

How often should I be updating website software?

Is updating website software a chore? Do you feel the pain of updating website software? Does it make you nervous because you’re afraid that it may break something on your website? Are you concerned that you may not be going about it the right way? When was the last time you worked on updating your […]

Gunther Kramer

Mobile Websites

Are Mobile Websites Important? Oh yes, mobile websites are extremely important! We all know that technology advances at a very quick pace. Things change so fast, it’s often hard to keep up. By now, most of us have a smart phone with a data plan. That allows us to browse the web, write email and […]

Gunther Kramer

What if your WordPress gets hacked?

Ever wonder “What if your WordPress gets hacked?” If you haven’t yet taken your website security seriously, you may be wondering what if your WordPress gets hacked? There are a lot of things we should be doing to protect our data, but somehow we just never get around to it. That includes things such as […]

Gunther Kramer

WordPress Security – Part 2

More WordPress Security Tips Here are ten additional WordPress security points, with an eleventh added as a bonus for SSL websites. 11) Hidden Admin Area All WordPress websites use the same folder structure. Be different and change things around so that automated hacking scripts can’t find ways to break into your website. If an automated […]

Gunther Kramer

WordPress Security – Part 1

How Good Is Your WordPress Security? There are a lot of websites in existence which use WordPress. It’s a great choice for most situations. It simplifies the process of managing your website. However, there’s a lot more involved than just simply installing it out of the box and adding content. It’s too easy to just […]

Gunther Kramer

Understand your WordPress limitations.

Do You Understand Your WordPress Limitations? WordPress is a fantastic program which has brought website management to the masses. However, just like almost all software, reality can hit pretty hard. There are big promises about how easy it is to use, and I have to admit that it’s probably the easiest website management tool for […]

Gunther Kramer

Website Marketing

How Good Is Your Website Marketing? Most business owners I have been talking with have stated to me that their sales numbers have been down a lot during the last few years. The recession is hitting everyone pretty hard. I recently read a report that stated sales are down between 25 to 50% in the […]