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Hemant Gham

Hemant Gham

Biographical Info As Co-founder / COO of iGotPro, I am committed to ensuring users get a unique and rewarding experience of using the platform and that all the inputs and feedback is captured from them as this platform is built with professionals like you in mind. Our first BETA application is COMING SOON! Using this state-of-the-art and out-of-box application, you can educate yourself through simple tools how to create and manage effective business networks your clients would benefit from. I am also Founder of QMaxima – A Business and Technology Consulting Company serving Fortune 1000 clients. I have over 25 years of experience in Software/IT, manufacturing, telecommunication and healthcare industries. I believe that for a successful company it is imperative to aggressively focus on helping clients maximize profits, reduce costs and improve productivity through continuous application of strategic and product innovation. I look forward to having great professional networking alliances with great entrepreneurs like you. iGotPro will help you to build credibility and trust within the ecosystem you service. Definitely Worth a try!

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Hemant Gham’s Ideal Clients. Fortune 1000 cos.

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Hemant Gham

The Advantages of Video Conferencing

The Advantages of Video Conferencing There was a time when people had to send messages via a telegram or through the post office to get their message across. The telephone changed all that when you simply have to call the other party. Now that we are in the digital age, we get to hear and […]

Hemant Gham

You do the work? You should write your own instructions

  This question has been in debate for decades now. Why people who should do work should write their own work instructions? The question can be poised for both manufacturing and service industries. Coming to the basic question of whether people should write their own instructions, I think they definitely should, especially because they feel […]