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Leanne Ballard

Leanne Ballard

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Leanne joined the Cloud Bookkeeping Services team in Early 2016.  After 5 years of running her own business and 18 months of management at Quinte Parents she is a valuable addition to the Cloud Bookkeeping Services team.  As Operations Leader and Financial Workflow Specialist she manages our Media, Office Processes and Client interactions.  Leanne is also certified on our main software programs like QuickBooks Online, Hubdoc and Receipt-Bank.

Email Address leanne@cloudbookkeepingservices.ca

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Leanne Ballard

Networking, Get out of your comfort zone

Today’s topic is building confidence in networking and putting yourself out there.  I have written this with Bookkeepers and Accountants in mind but it can certainly apply to anyone. So I have an advantage here as my background before I started bookkeeping was in Marketing and social media. I spent about 5 and a half […]

Leanne Ballard

Let your voice be heard

As we entered into summer when many slow down and take some time off we have found that here at Cloud Bookkeeping Services we are busy with a mission. Our mission is to educate Small Businesses and their employees on the upcoming changes to the Minimum Wage. ****Disclaimer, please note that this blog is not […]

Leanne Ballard

Tips for being productive working from home

One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you can work from your own home.  You can create a space within your home environment that fosters your creativity and allows you to follow your passion.  However, sometimes the day to day chores such as laundry and dishes serve as a constant distraction.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your focus and improve your productivity while working from home.

Leanne Ballard

What does CRA expect from you?

Being a small business owner sometimes feels like CRA is working against you.  But if you understand your responsibilities it clears the fog and lessens the stress of completing your filings on time. There are 5 main areas of compliance that you should be aware of HST ~  This is charged on your sales on […]

Leanne Ballard

Tax Tips : Business Expenses for Self Employed Persons

You can deduct certain expenses you paid to earn self employment income. The expenses must be both reasonable and justifiable.  This list covers some of the more common eligible business expenses. Common types of expenses for Self Employed Persons: Advertising Expenses You can deduct expenses for advertising, including ads in Canadian newspapers and on Canadian television […]

Leanne Ballard

5 Money Tips when starting a business

Starting a new business is a lot of work.  You are likely doing it to follow your passion and do something you love everyday.  Working on the Admin and financial part of a business rarely falls into that passion.  Here are some tips that will help you give your business it’s best start and make […]

Leanne Ballard

Why use the Cloud to manage your business finances?

You might be wondering why so many small businesses are moving their bookkeeping to the Cloud? Why change a system that has been working fine for so many years? If it’s not broke why are we fixing it? What you need to consider is what will your small business be missing out on if you […]