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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Biographical Info I am the President and Chief Enabler of Goal Execution Inc. Living in Kitchener/Waterloo since 2000 with my wife and two children, I have been fortunate enough to have helped out a number of local sports, school and community groups. My background includes sales and marketing, technology, and teaching. I have been a Director Consultant with Business Networking International (BNI) and am the current Launch Director with the Ontario Southwest Region.

What Services Eric Johnson Offers? As a Success Coach/Consultant, I help business owners and professionals achieve a higher level of excellence in both their personal and business lives through one on one conversations. Helping them achieve a higher level of clarity in what they truly want and implementing a wide range of systems plus refining their mindset is a large part of what I do. I have coached a large number of small and medium sized businesses with their marketing and networking skills as well as helping community groups throughout the region. Looking forward to connecting with you!!

Eric Johnson’s Ideal Clients. My ideal client is someone who feels like they are not where they should be, they are committed to improving themselves but need to have some form of accountability to keep them moving in the right direction. They are a business owner or professional who realizes that it's not always easy to accomplish their goals. They are someone who struggles to put together and implement their own systems on a consistent basis. They are looking to grow!

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Eric Johnson

Goal Execution

We all have visions of our dream life. While a few are able to achieve it, most struggle to work towards it. Family and work responsibilities can sometimes feel like chains that are holding you back from achieving your full potential and the life you desire. At Goal Execution Inc. we help you break through […]