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Janet Lawlor

Janet Lawlor

Biographical Info

Janet grew up in St. John's, NL

Her hobbies are that she loves to bake, decorate cookies and cakes, and ride her Peloton bike.

Janet owns a sweet Cavalier King Charles named Rosie 🙂

Most people don't know that Janet does voiceover work! 

Her travel dreams include a wellness retreat ANYWHERE!!

If Janet could have lunch with anyone in the world, she would choose her oldest friends. 


Janet Lawlor is the Qwench Juice Bar Canadian Franchise Developer

opening a brand new Qwench very soon at 1915 Ironoak Way, Oakville, ON L6H 0N1, Canada

Our Vision
The vision at Qwench is simple - make genuine health and incredible taste live in perfect balance. Crafting the perfect recipe and maintaining the discipline to honor health is the heartbeat of Qwench juice bar. Qwench is an innovative and evolutionary response to an emergent food trend focused on fresh ingredients, natural tastes and flavors, an elevated nutrition, and powerful superfoods. To achieve thirst-quenching taste, we use raw fruit & vegetable juice always squeezed-to-order. We don’t mask our blends with sherbets & frozen yogurt instead we let the fresh fruits & nutrient-dense foods permeate when blended, allowing for a silky texture and an invigorating taste to living a healthy and tasteful life.

Profession Qwench Juice Bar Canadian Franchise Developer



Janet Lawlor

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Janet Lawlor

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