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Lorraine Graham

Lorraine Graham

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I take great pride in being professional and detailed, not only for you the client but my communities I serve.

I like to stay current in my education and honoured to be serving on the local Chapter Board of The Financial Advisors of Canada (Advocis). In my tenure as President, we won the acclaimed Totem Pole Award. Currently I serve as the Program Director, bringing the educational speakers to the Financial Advisors  in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

With 19 years of experience as a Financial Advisor, I have much to offer. Education and guidance is important in how I communicate with you. 

Email Address lorrainecoach9@gmail.com

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Lorraine Graham

I’m a Newcomer to Canada, can I get Life Insurance?

So you are a recent immigrant to Canada! Welcome! You may know or have been told that you should get life insurance. You may have a family or other dependents that you feel you need and want to protect. We can help. If you are already a Permanent Resident, it’s easy as most Life Insurance […]

Lorraine Graham

9 things you should always buy at Dollarama

It may take a little digging, but there are serious savings to be had at this discount superstore by Laura Brown, Chatelaine May 17, 2018 Oh, Dollarama. The store with long aisles, bright lighting and jam-packed (but perfectly organized) shelves may seem overwhelming at first glance, but there are serious bargains to be had. Think of shopping […]

Lorraine Graham

They Declined Me for Life Insurance – Now What?

So your life insurance application was declined – now what? You still have choice, you still have options – there are always options! Try to find out as much as you can as to why you were declined – I have seen a number of different reasons that life insurance companies decline: diabetes (type 1 […]

Lorraine Graham

How much Life Insurance do I really need?

This is a question I get most often – and it really is the starting point of any life insurance discussion. How much life insurance do I really need?  Well, that depends on what stage of life you are at. For example, if you are a young couple with a small family and a mortgage […]

Lorraine Graham

When is the best time to review my life insurance?

When is the best time to review my life insurance? Great times to review your life insurance: when you get married, purchase a home, start a family or add to your family, when you have grandchildren, when you change jobs, when your existing life insurance is up for renewal, or when you can’t remember what […]

Lorraine Graham

How old is too old to buy life insurance?

How old is too old to buy life insurance? If you are considering buying life insurance, most carriers offer products up to age 80. These are for the traditional fully underwritten plans which include a host of medical and lifestyle questions and often include a doctor’s report and a paramedical examination. There are also a […]

Lorraine Graham

Start with the basics

Start with the basics. Whether you are just starting out – or wondering how you will manage to retire, I can help. I work with my clients by starting with the basics – and developing a plan for managing their monthly cash flow – so they never have to worry about living month-to-month. Too often […]