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Darryl Campbell

Darryl Campbell

Biographical Info Darryl Campbell, retired Toronto Police Sergeant currently a Regional Manager and Employee Benefits Certification Trainer in Ontario with LegalShield. Darryl retired from the Toronto Police Services in his 28th year of service. He has served in Uniform as well as many specialized units including the Criminal Investigation Bureau, The Major Crime Tactical Team, The Drug and Plainclothes Squad and the Sexual Assault Squad. In September 1998, Darryl became involved with LegalShield and along with a handful of other dedicated people helped to bring LegalShield Services into Canada in June of 1999. LegalShield is currently open in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. As a police officer He watched hundreds of families make poor and uninformed decisions regarding important legal matters. Personal financial realities are often the deciding factors as to whether legal representation is possible or not. He has been called to attend many homes during family crisis, most family crisis is not a policing matter; rather, the crisis usually requires the council of the legal community. He kept hearing the same responses a) We do not know a lawyer. b) We cannot possibly afford a lawyer. c) The problems are not that big YET! The Quote is "EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL", but in today’s society it really means AS MUCH JUSTICE AS YOU CAN AFFORD. Darryl currently holds the position of Regional Manager and Employee Benefits Certification Trainer for Ontario and spends a great deal of his time educating people on how to protect themselves and their families from Identity Theft and the life events legal matters that effect us all on a day to day basis.

Email Address darryl@campbelllambert.com

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Address 572-420 Main Street E
Milton, ON L9T5G3

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Darryl Campbell

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Darryl Campbell

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Darryl Campbell

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Darryl Campbell

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Darryl Campbell

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Darryl Campbell

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Darryl Campbell

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Darryl Campbell

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Darryl Campbell

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Darryl Campbell


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