Christmas Party 2021

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All MEMBERS (and their partners) are invited!!!!

Let’s celebrate the joy of the season together, in-person!

Once again, Linda Walters, and her awesome husband Michael Paul, are offering up their home ~ specifically their newly renovated basement ~ to us all.

While practicing safe distancing, we will enjoy the company of our members and their partners for some much needed, face-to-face conversation and well,  Holiday Socializing!

We all rise together when we take time to really be there for each other., and get to know each other on a deeper level… during some much needed down time.

Join us on Thursday, December 16th at noon for some great cheer, innovative conversation and celebrations of all our friendships.

Please note, be respectful of each others safe distancing, and we ask that those that haven’t had their double vaccinations by this event date, that they keep their masks on while inside.

LeadTribes HQ
For the love of our members.

2270 Grand Ravine Dr, Oakville, ON L6H 6A8, Canada



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