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LeadTribes - Oakville


We are so excited and honoured that you are interested in visiting LeadTribes.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that you have an exceptional experience each week.

Our Mission:

We develop the professional and leadership potential of entrepreneurs in Ontario through character, actions, and relationships within a supportive network.

Our Values:

  1. Be Be ResponsABLE
  2. Be Honest
  3. Be Positive
  4. Be Supportive
  5. Be Coachable
  6. Communicate Effectively
  7. Have Difficult Conversations
  8. Respect Others
  9. Use Common Sense


Please come prepared:

  1. To provide a confirmed number for the restaurant, we request that you pre-register by  4:30 p.m. the afternoon prior to the meeting date
  2. set menu of choice for food will be available and included
  3. bring 30 of your business cards to share
  4. prepare a 60-sec intro/story/ask about your services and ideal clients (ask for the opportunity!)
  5. Plan to make some great connections and have fun!

We look forward to meeting you on Wednesday at 12:15p.m. at Boston Pizza, 499 Dundas Street West, Oakville!

Phenomenal people building phenomenal business.

In Person Networking:

Location Boston Pizza, 499 Dundas St W, Oakville, ON L6M 1L9, Canada

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