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Ewa Klimczak

Ewa Klimczak

Biographical Info Oasis of Healing Spa founder, Ewa Klimczak has been involved in health and well-being for many years. In 1996, Ewa became a Certified Reflexologist and a few years later completed and became a Certified Complementary Care Practitioner through Conestoga College Institute of Advanced Learning and Technology. Initially, Ewa was looking at alternative treatments for her chronic conditions and quickly realized while healing herself, her path was to help others by providing therapeutic services. This change has been rewarding and she continues to learn and improve her knowledge and skills about complementary medicine to benefit her clients and her community at large. Ewa’s specialized treatments include reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki and quantum touch.

Email Address healingoasis@bellnet.ca

Level Founding Member

First Name Ewa

Last Name Klimczak

What Services Ewa Klimczak Offers? Why Us? Our approach to well-being restoration is holistic that views entire human being. We apply a range of natural therapeutic techniques with inclusion of the most modern technologies. We have combined complementary therapies with no known side effects. All our practitioners are trained Certified and support their expertise with many years of proven success. Salt Rooms / Halotherapy. Or, Dry Salt Aerosol - Salt Therapy Reflexology and Halotherapy Bonus Quantum Touch Posture Alignment Registered Massage Therapy Restorative Yoga in the Salt Room Thai Massage & Bowen Technique - Human Development The Nine Essentials - Life Transformation Through NeuroMovement BodyTalk Therapeutic System Registered Massage Therapy Pulse Electromagnetical Field Therapy PEMF / iMR Intelligent Magnetic Stimulation Thermo Accupressure Massage Bed Whole Body Vibration Plate

Ewa Klimczak’s Ideal Clients. Testimonials "I need to tell you how very much your treatment helped me. My neck and shoulders totally stopped screaming".  Many Thanks and Much Gratitude. A. "What was becoming a chronic respiratory challenge has been relieved. I am grateful for the treatment!" Mary C., nurse/yoga teacher "I have been able to cut down my asthma inhaler use by 80% since coming to the salt spa. I sleep better at night. The spa is very relaxing, improves my mood and also seems to improve my skin!" Robin A.

Profession RRPr, CAHP, MHT Certified Complementary Care Practitioner


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Ewa Klimczak

Healing Salt Mines – YouTube

This video explains in the most basic form the mechanism of action of Halotherapy or Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy. Halotherapy is performed in a specially designed salt rooms equipped with Dry Salt Aerosol Generator – Halogenerator. Information in this video is based on scientifical studies that have been conducted in Russia for over 20 years. […]