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Carol A Schofield

Carol A Schofield

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After 11 years in the financial services field I decided to branch out in a new and exciting direction. 

I have been enjoying networking, making contacts and nurturing relationships over the last few years, I came to the realization that I had been at my happiest when helping others succeed in their endeavours.  I didn't know exactly what kind of business I really wanted but I knew what it had to involve.  After meeting with a friend, she asked me if I  have ever thought about being a concierge.  The light bulb above my head went off and here I am. 

My husband Bob is working with me on a "voluntold" basis as he calls it.  He is my handyman, concierge in training and general the love of my life.

My daughter Angela Bennett has signed on as well  to do office organization and other administrative tasks that clients may require

Even my cat Squirrelly has become my office assistant.

Life has become an incredibly interesting ride, with each new day bringing a new opportunity.

Email Address helloconciergecarol@gmail.com

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Carol A Schofield

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Carol A Schofield

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Carol A Schofield

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Carol A Schofield

Why We Love What We Do

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