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Sandi Browne Be Well

Sandi Browne Be Well

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Sandi Browne…as a global facilitator, oil lover and wellBEing Leader, Sandi’s empowered people and companies across the globe for the last 25 years to develop their professional / leadership skills and take charge of their personal wellBEing and company wellness programs with meditation, movement, mindfulness, mind shifting, energy/Reiki  and other self awareness healing tools and strategies. 

Expanding her journey almost three years ago to include doTERRA was a no brainer so she can continue to work alongside her peeps in truly building a natural lifestyle / wellbeing approach / company wellness with doTERRA’s beyoutiful essential oils. 

As a corporate Mama with kids she gets the demands on Mom’s, Dad’s, families, individuals and companies in our day to day life.  She loves to connect the dots to help people understand the root cause and best solution to meet their needs including how our brain runs the show with stories and emotions that impact us physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Sandi is a Silver Leader with doTERRA with a goal of empowering 1,000 households and company workplace wellness programs by 2021.  Bye bye corporate world! Hello more natural living and wellbeing empowered households and companies!  

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Sandi Browne Be Well

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Sandi Browne Be Well

Natural Living & Well-being Online Event MON JAN 28th on FB

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