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Diane Nelson

Diane Nelson

Biographical Info

Diane has experience in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors.  She brings a wealth of diversified experiences to her leadership, business and personnel management practice.

For 10 years Diane, along with her husband, owned and operated an art gallery, photography studio, custom picture framing shop and camera store.

Diane has led not for profit organizations for over 25 years, ranging from newly established affiliates of national and international organizations as well as grass root organizations.  She lived and worked for 10 years in the Northwest Territories, and provided support and consultation to agencies in B.C. and Ontario over the past 20 years.

Diane has guided several organizations to develop and strengthen social enterprise operations by instilling entrepreneurial skills and attitudes to staff teams to achieve the revenue needed to achieve their mission.

Email Address dnelson@tacresults.com

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Diane Nelson

Conversational Intimacy

Men, women crave it more than chocolate. We often talk about emotional and social intelligence—and emotional and physical intimacy—without acknowledging that intimacy starts with an intelligent conversation, a verbal or nonverbal valentine. Factoids: Our brains are designed to be social. Our need for belonging is more powerful than our need for safety. When we are […]

Diane Nelson

Ask to Understand

I love to ask questions. I’m naturally curious and I like to understand what’s going on in the mind of others. The better you understand the perspective, wants and needs, values and beliefs, rational and emotional reasoning of others, the better your ability to: Communicate more effectively Address their wishes and issues Engage in a […]

Diane Nelson

Sales Training – Investment or Cost? | The Achievement Centre

by WAYNE VANWYCK on AUGUST 9, 2016 What do you consider a good return on investment? In the market, 5% looks pretty attractive right now and we are skeptical of financial planners who claim they can do much better. So a claim that you could double your money in 12 months and continue that return […]