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Margaret Janecki

Margaret Janecki

Biographical Info Today’s baby boomers and seniors face many challenges including cash-flow, health, longevity, family needs and changing lifestyles. Therefore it is critical to have a retirement plan, review it and tweak it regularly. One of the biggest considerations for those 40 years and up, is start working on a plan. Many of the “X” generation are already working hard to grow their portfolios, looking after their children, potentially their parents and an ill partner, sibling or child. They are painfully aware that retirement is somewhere in the not too distant future and they need to take some time to develop a plan.    It is wise to review your plan any time, you are faced with life changing events, such as changes in employment or becoming self-employed, purchasing a home, marriage/divorce, having a baby or raising grandchildren, and death of a family member.  There are 5 steps of which to be aware when forming financial plans; Financial Plan, Manage Debt, Family Discussion, Health and Insurance. Click on the image or the link below:   Register to Receive Your Complimentary Copy of the Five Key Steps to Improve Your Bottom Line.

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Margaret Janecki

Money for Life starts with a conversation

Money for Life is working with an advisor to get ready for retirement. Your advisor can help you plan for your retirement needs, and the risks you’ll face, by choosing the right mix of income, wealth and protection solutions. Source: Money for Life starts with a conversation